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Social Media Policy

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Basic Agreement and Terms & Conditions

Here's an overview of our basic agreement and terms of service for our Social Media Management / Strategy services:

Services: We agree to provide the services as described in the chosen package, with the goal of enhancing your brand's social media presence and performance.

Payment: Payment must be paid in full before commencement of services. Typically, this will be a monthly fee due at the beginning of each month.  Last minute changes will incur additional charges of up to £35 per post. 

Content Approval: Unless otherwise agreed upon, we assume the right to create, modify, and post content as deemed appropriate for the agreed upon strategy.  Changes must be sent 48 hours before posting schedule.

Confidentiality: We ensure complete confidentiality of all your business information and social media data.

Contract Duration & Termination: The contract duration will be set as unlimited via my website. Either party may terminate the agreement with prior notice, as detailed in the contract.  You can cancel your contract at any time via the website.

Performance Review: We commit to monthly performance audits and adjustments as necessary to meet agreed-upon goals.

Please note that this is a simplified overview of our agreement, and a comprehensive contract will be provided upon moving forward.

Our goal is to create a partnership that respects both parties' rights and responsibilities, fostering a successful, lasting relationship.

Do I have to sign a minimum-term contract? 

No. You pay for the month ahead and you can cancel at anytime. There is for the BETA Package of 6 months if you want to avail of the lower price point of £99 per month.

You can also take a break, and come back when you are in a better position.   

How does the process work after I sign up?
This process should take up to 7 days from signup, and / or you can pick your start date.

Can I still post on my accounts when I sign up?
Yes 100%. The more content posted on your social media platforms the better. These are your accounts and you have full control. You can be as involved as you want and also if you’re too busy you know that its covered.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy?
No we have a no refund policy on all digital designs.

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